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Spring In Bloom

Some more colourful flora.

All pictures taken with Pentax K1 camera and Pentax 100mm Prime D-FA Macro lens.

Plus, here's a brief description of how I processed them ...

ISO 200 1/200 sec @ f/4.5 -1EV

Processed using ON1 Photo Raw 2019. Tone adjustments plus selective dynamic contrast filter to main flower.

ISO 100 1/250sec @ f/4.5

Processed using ON1 Photo Raw 2019 for glow effect and Fibres texture. Topaz Studio used for the painterly effect but, to be honest, this is very subtle and could probably have been achieved in ON1.

ISO 100 1/250 sec @ f/2.8

Processed using ON1 Photo Raw 2019. Selective dynamic contrast added to the stamens. Glow effect and paper texture added to surrounding area.

ISO 100 1/250 sec @ f/3.2

Processed using ON1 Photo Raw 2019. Added selective dynamic contrast, sharpening, glow and sunshine effects to stamens. Postcard effect added to rest.

ISO 100 1/320 sec @ f/2.8

Image shot through tree leaves and twigs which enhanced the focal point.

Processed using ON1 Photo Raw 2019. The only effect was adding selective dynamic contrast to the main subject.

ISO 100 1/200 sec @ f/3.2

The conditions were slightly windy so this poppy was moving about a lot. However I managed to capture it just at the right moment so that the centre was sharp but conveying a feeling of movement in the petals.

Processed using ON1 Photo Raw 2019. Selective dynamic contrast and sharpening applied to centre.

ISO 100 1/250 sec @ f/3.2 Multiple Exposure.

This shot was taken using in-camera multiple exposures (4) using burst shutter mode. No processing effects used.

ISO 100 1/125 sec @ f/4.5

With spring blooms come the inevitable dandelions. This was close to the ground and was fairly stationary despite windy conditions.

Processed using ON1 Photo Raw 2019. Dynamic contrast, sunshine and glow effects applied selectively to the centre of the subject. Vintage Matte LUT filter applied to the whole scene except the very centre, to preserve sharpness of the details.

ISO 2000 1/125 sec @ f/4.5

Black and white closeup of daffodil.

Processed using ON1 Photo Raw 2019. Dynamic contrast added to whole picture then a sunshine filter was applied to the narrow strip of petal closest to the camera. A black and white LUT filter was then applied using the Nickel preset and a sun spot type lens flare effect applied slightly right of centre. A soft vignette finished off the effects.

ISO 100 1/160 sec @ f/3.2

Some of the daffs in the garden have started their downward spiral so I thought this deserved a semi-monochromatic approach.

Processed using ON1 Photo Raw 2019. Dynamic contrast and sharpening were first of all applied to just the petals. Then black and white LUT was added using the Dark Night preset. Next a rust texture was applied to the background. Finally a Dark Rice Paper texture was added to the whole picture which, as well as adding a bit of texture, also brings back a slight colour to the daffodil so that it's not entirely black and white.

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