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I am a photographic artist based in Nottinghamshire, England with a passion for creative image making. 

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I am not a purist when it comes to producing images. I am very much a believer in producing images which evoke an emotion and if the image that comes out of the camera is not what I felt when I pressed the shutter release button, I have no qualms about manipulating it until it is.

Images from digital cameras need to be processed to some degree. Film photography has always made use of post-processing techniques such as dodging and burning, cropping, toning and more. The advent of digital images and the development of processing software has made this much easier (with an associated learning curve for the software) and limited only by one’s imagination.

I’ve been taking photographs for probably more than forty years. I had my first SLR camera when I was in my twenties and loved it. The trouble was, eventually photography became one of the things I could only fit in at holiday time. Kids came along and taking photographs took a back seat for 20 years.

In 2006 I bought my first digital compact camera and that rekindled my enthusiasm. A couple of DSLRs later and I was getting serious about photography and each year determined to “up my game”. I had been using Adobe Lightroom for about 10 years before I finally decided to set aside the time to learn how to use Photoshop properly. It was this which has sparked my interest in creative photography. By this I mean pushing the boundaries that bit further. Not being limited by the image as it comes out of the camera but instead making a piece of art which transcends what reality had to offer.

I do manipulate my images; sometimes minimally, sometimes more. I believe that’s a valid way of producing an artwork. If I could paint I would probably make images that way. The fact that the story starts with a camera instead of a paintbrush shouldn’t make a difference. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. The fact that you’ve bothered to read this far probably means that you do though.

I really hope you enjoy my images and if you would like to be sent an email when I update my blog or I send out a newsletter, please sign up via my blog page or click HERE.

Photography : “Drawing With Light”

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